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A Multiverse of Learning
through Play

KITMEK presents a whole new Metaverse for your child’s overall development that is one step closer to the future of education. Our Educational game prepares kids to succeed in the real world and is proven to increase absorption of lessons and retention of knowledge. It’s the new age way for kids to learn!

A game Changer in
tuition and learning

More and more, schools are turning to games as a tool for learning. Game-based learning is turning into a regular fixture in the traditional classroom setting. And KITMEK is not far behind by creating a learning metaverse that improves the absorption of lessons, memory and grasping fundamentals in young minds.


1… 2… 3… Hop, Skip, Go

For your child we have KITMEK, a fun imaginative metaverse for kids from KG to Grade 5. It’s a place where children are free to learn, explore and create at their own pace. In the KITMEK metaverse, thousands of children from all over the world come to experience cool imaginative landscapes, colorful amusement parks, groovy concerts and global kiddie parties.

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Founded in 2020, KITMEK is a developer of educational metaverses that offers infinite fun and learning for kids.